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Hi everyone, thanks for being part of my journey as I am navigating through life! I promised myself to show up and dedicate as much time as possible to nurture this account. After going inwards and listening to my inner voice, I strongly feel this to be the path I should be on. I have always been driven by creative expression, only do I now have the courage to dedicate all my time to it.

Starting out on your own after a longtime full-time stint, it’s like having to relearn everything from scratch, including free-thinking. It’s scary and shaky at times, but I have never felt more liberated.


Originally from Hamburg, Germany I came to the USA with 21 through a love interest that turned into a marriage. My curiosity took me all over the States from Texas to California with the longest time spent in New York City and lately — thank God — returned me back to nature!

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I dedicated the past 20 years of my life to learning different design and frontend applications and worked in the field of digital media for a large digital global agency, rarely having time for my 3 passions: writing, art, and photography.

With the pandemic, things have shifted in our family’s little microcosm, and I somehow was released from my shackles, able to spread my wings again. It was time to return to my creative roots, without having to edit or alter anything to make it work for someone else. Finally, I can use my individual unedited voice and vision, which satisfies my soul.


My journaling started at the tender age of 7 when my little purple diary with a keylock became my therapist. Pouring out my soul to the pure white pages felt so cathartic. It served as a friend, listener, and someone I could trust. I often felt very alone in my world of emotional misery and whoever gave me that gift…




Mom + creative explorer, fascinated by the human experience. Drawn to adventure, tangible skills, and creative tech. https://manuwilliams.500px.photography/